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Right wing figures on Twitter such as Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump Jr have seen their Twitter followers soar, while left wingers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Barack Obama slump. Twitter on Tuesday confirmed that the dramatic fluctuations in the number of followers since Elon Musk's takeover was announced was organic, and not due to any change in their policies. 'While we continue to take action on accounts that violate our spam policy which can affect follower counts, these fluctuations appear to largely be a result of an increase in new account creation and deactivation,' Twitter said in a statement. Yet Trump Jr said he suspected there was more to the fluctuation than that. He repeated widespread right-wing speculation that their Twitter follower counts had been artificially suppressed, to try and downplay their support and influence. He also suggested that the controls were being lifted, before Musk brought in new management, to avoid an embarrassing expose of practices. 'While I'm awesome and totally deserving of 87,000 new followers a day it seems that someone took the shackles off my account. Wonder if they're burning the evidence before new mgmt comes in?'

A Queens prostitute was sentenced to 30 years for fatally drugging four men with fentanyl in 2019 so she could rob them, with victims including a Cipriani chef. Angelina Barini, 43, cried in court on Tuesday as she admitted distributing fentanyl and 'date rape' drug GBL to three unnamed men and Italian-born chef Andrea Zamperoni, 33. She did so in the hopes of knocking the men out and robbing them, but ended up killing them. Prosecutor Breon Peace praised the 30 year sentence and hoped it would serve as a warning to anyone trying to use drugs to commit 'there horrific crimes. 'The defendant drugged and killed multiple people for a few quick dollars,' Peace said in a statement. 'She stole their personal belongings while they lay unconscious dying from the lethal drugs she gave them.' 'The defendant's substantial prison sentence is warranted by her shocking disregard for human life.' Prosecutors said Barini, while operating as a sex worker, had a habit of providing drugs to her clients in order to 'incapacitate and rob them,' according to court records. The records show that on July 4, 2019, Barini met with one of the victims at a motel in Astoria and gave him fentanyl-laced drugs.

A BBC journalist on a work trip to the U.S. attracted the ire of fans of the second amendment when he posted a photo of three BB guns on a shelf in Walmart and flagged the toys as real firearms.

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Joe Biden is considering reneging on a campaign promise to cancel limited amounts of student debt, and is now mulling far more substantial coverage of the $1.6trillion in debt owed by 43,000 people.

Joe Biden aims to phase out incandescent lightbulbs by 2023. Critics allege the 'rapid switch' to LED bulbs will prove costly for many. Around 30% of bulbs sold in the US every year are incandescent.

Ukraine's successful attack on a Russian IL-76 transport plane near the Kyiv airport in February was conducted after receiving real-time info from the U.S. as part of an intelligence partnership.

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas released a plan to send 600 agents to the border for an anticipated crush of immigration when the administration plans to lift Title 42 authority.

Chippewa Falls Police Chief Matt Kelm (left) said the suspect was a juvenile who was known to the victim, Lily Peters (right), who was found in woodland near Chippewa Falls, northeast of Eau Claire on Monday morning, close to the home of an aunt she'd been visiting when she vanished. Her dad reported her missing around 9pm Sunday night when she failed to show up home. Peters' family lived a short distance from her aunt. The youngster was a fourth-grader at Parkview Elementary in the town.

Hunter Biden's longtime business partner Eric Schwerin made at least eight visits to the White House in 2016, bringing his total number up to 27 during the Obama-Biden admin.

Woke Amazon staffer cries in meeting to discuss the 'trauma' caused by best seller children's book 'Johnny the Walrus' that compares being transgender to pretending to be a walrus

Amazon staff have been 'traumatized' by children's book Johnny the Walrus. The book allegorically compares being transgender to pretending to be a walrus. The company held a meeting to address the 'really tough content' of the book. 'It's one hell of a problem,' the meeting host said, claiming it has been 'very traumatic for transgender Amazonians and our transgender customers'. The host also shared a complaint from a customer who alleged the book teaches children to 'kill transgenders' or 'bully them into committing suicide'.

All the children are under ten years old and one has required a liver transplant, the state's health department said. If they are confirmed, they will bring the U.S. total for hepatitis to 14.

Two women - Twitter's top lawyer Vijaya Gadde and chief marketing officer Leslie Berland - were criticized by Elon Musk and his followers on Tuesday, leading to one exec accusing Musk of misogyny. Lara Cohen tweeted: 'Color me shocked SHOCKED that people are coming for two of our prominent female executives on day 1 of this thing.' Musk on Tuesday also criticized Twitter lawyer Jim Baker, and criticized the company as a whole for falling behind Trump's Truth Social in downloads.

Jared Birchall has worked for Elon Musk since 2016, having been recruited from Morgan Stanley. Now he is one of the main figures behind the scenes as the $44 billion Twitter sale goes through. He went to work at Goldman Sachs in New York immediately on graduating, and worked as a financial analyst, according to his LinkedIn. In 2000 he joined Merrill Lynch in Los Angeles, working for about a decade as a wealth manager. Merrill Lynch discharged Birchall in 2010 for 'conduct resulting in management's loss of confidence' that included 'sending correspondence to a client without management approval,' according to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) records. Less than a month later, Birchall began working at Morgan Stanley as a wealth manager. A father of five, he lives with his wife of 13 years, Laura, in a $4 million, five bedroom mansion in the affluent Destiny Hills suburb west of Austin, 20 miles from downtown.

LA county sheriff Alex Villanueva launches investigation into LA Times reporter over her report on leaked video of deputy kneeling on handcuffed inmate's head 

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has launched an investigation into how an LA Times reporter obtained video of a deputy kneeling on an inmate's head. During a press conference Tuesday, he accused reporter Alene Tcheckmedyian of illegally obtaining the footage and writing false claims about his department. The campaign came one day after Tcheckmedyian reported on a lawsuit alleging Villanueva covered up the kneeling incident out of fear of 'negative publicity'. She also published surveillance footage of the incident. Villanueva has denied the allegations outlined in the suit.

Pfizer, the leading manufacturer of COVID-19 vaccines in America, has submitted a bid to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin distributing booster shots for children aged five to 11.

Russian ammunition depot is hit in new suspected attack by Ukraine as 'three Russian border regions come under fire from Zelensky's troops'

Russian regions close to Ukraine were hit by a new wave of blasts early today. An ammunition depot in Belgorod region was reportedly ablaze. Suspected attacks from a more assertive Ukraine were also seen in Voronezh and Kursk regions. In Kursk there were unconfirmed reports that Russian air defenses had downed Ukrainian military drones. Explosions were heard in the cities off Kursk and Oboyan. Locals heard the military planes flying over Oboyan.

Is this more proof that Putin’s health is worsening? Footage emerges of Russian dictator’s hand shaking before he grips chair arm and awkwardly taps his feet during meeting with Belarussian leader Lukashenko 

The clip, which was taken on February 18, just before the onset of his brutal invasion, shows him welcoming fellow strongman Alexander Lukashenko at the Kremlin. The Russian president has been dogged by claims of his failing health in recent months, fueled by footage of his bloated face, slouching posture, and constant gripping for support. In the video taken in February, Putin is seen standing up awaiting his Belarusian ally as his hand starts to violently tremble. He pulls it into his body in an attempt to quell the shakes, but then he almost stumbles as he unsteadily walks towards Lukashenko. Later, Putin sits on a chair but is unable to remain still, constantly fidgeting and tapping his feet while he grips onto the arm for support. The resurfaced clip will do little to dampen the rumors about his potential illness, amid rumors he is battling Parkinson's, dementia or cancer. Last week, he made a rare live appearance with defence minister Sergei Shoigu where they discussed the 'liberation' of Mariupol. Putin's poor posture and his apparently bloated face and neck sparked speculation about the Russian leader's health, which has reportedly been in decline since his invasion

Earlier today Russia sent rockets over Chernobyl and two other functioning nuclear power stations - Zaporizhzhia and Khmelnytskyi - in Ukraine on the 36th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

It is the first such suspension since Putin warned that 'unfriendly countries' must pay in roubles, which would help prop up Russia's heavily sanctioned economy.

Eric Adams urges New Yorkers to EMAIL him photos of cops using their phones on subway platforms: 'Send me a shot and I will be at that station'

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has called on locals to snitch on cops using their phones on subway platforms while on duty by sending him photos. Adams made the plea at a press conference Tuesday when asked by a journalist about reports of multiple uniformed cops being spotted scrolling through phones while on duty guarding the city's crime-ridden transport network. The former NYPD captain warned: 'We are going to start taking very aggressive actions to make sure police are patrolling our subway system and not patrolling their iPhone.' 'If you see it, send me a picture. I'll go to that district the next day and see exactly what is happening. 'Send me a shot. New Yorkers, you see that send me a photo and I will be at that station.'

Houston Family Dollar employee Antonio Batres, 21, faces murder charges after he emptied the entire clip of his Glock 9mm pistol into the back of Troy Odom, 49, who was shoplifting motor oil.

Harris quickly learned not to come between Biden and his negotiations with Congress, when the president once snapped at her so harshly even Republicans were shocked.

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TOM LEONARD: It's difficult to think of more disturbing footage to have come out of violence-obsessed Hollywood - because the scene from the set of Rust is entirely real. The final moments of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins's life - after she was accidentally shot by actor Alec Baldwin while preparing to film a scene for a low-budget movie, Rust - have been revealed by police in a trove of dozens of previously unseen videos and images.

Stocks closed broadly lower on Wall Street Tuesday, weighed down by sharp declines in Big Tech stocks that also left the Nasdaq with its worst drop since September 2020

Google parent Alphabet Inc. saw its stock plunge by 4 percent after reporting the fall in revenue growth as it was expected to earn $68.11 billion this quarter, up from the $55.31 billion a year ago.

Dr. Risa Hoshino has been accused of lying about working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The social media physician, who claimed to be working inside a hospital treating children COVID-19 cases, was found out to be a school pediatrician. The city-employed pediatrician reportedly worked a cushy $170,000 Monday-Friday job, which she mostly worked remotely. She would often tweet about wearing an N95 mask for 12-hours and share heartbreaking stories of sick children on Twitter. Meanwhile, her Instagram would show her having dinner with friends and bikini shots on the beach. The doctor also claimed to work for Mount Sinai, despite not having any affiliation with the hospital since completing her residency in 2017.

Kim Kardashian admitted in court on Tuesday that she resented having to film episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians with Blac Chyna after she allegedly hit her brother Rob with a metal rod.

Joe Biden agreed to pay son Hunter's legal fees for his deal with a Chinese government-controlled company, emails reveal. The revelation ties the president even closer to Hunter's overseas business dealings – and makes his previous claims that he never discussed them with his son, even less plausible. Joe was able to pay the bills after earning millions of dollars through his and his wife's companies after he left office as vice president. Some of the wave of cash came from their book deals and speaking engagements. But the president's financial filings reveal that he declared almost $7million more income on his tax returns than he did on his government transparency reports, an analysis by DailyMail.com of the president's financial records shows. Some of that difference can be accounted for with salaries earned by First Lady Jill Biden and other sums not required on his reports – but still leaves $5.2million earned by Joe's company and not listed on his transparency reports. The 'missing millions' – combined with emails on Hunter's abandoned laptop suggesting Joe would have a 10% share in Hunter's blockbuster deal with the Chinese – raise a troubling question: did Joe Biden receive money from the foreign venture?

Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party called for the execution of Anthony Fauci by firing squad to answer for vaccine mandates at a recent U.S. Congress campaign event.

Amber Heard shifts uncomfortably as clinical psychologist tells defamation trial that she suffers from TWO personality disorders and 'grossly exaggerated her PTSD' after split from Johnny Depp

A clinical psychologist hired to review Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's turbulent relationship told jurors the actress suffers from two personality disorders and 'grossly exaggerated' her PTSD after the couple's bitter split. Depp's legal team called expert witness Dr. Shannon Curry to the stand on Tuesday as the Pirates of the Caribbean star's highly publicized defamation trial against his ex-wife entered its ninth day. The clinical and forensic psychologist told the court she concluded Heard had traits consistent with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) - two conditions found in people with patterns of emotional instability and attention-seeking behavior. She ultimately concluded that Heard 'grossly exaggerated' her post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after her relationship with Depp and said that in the actress's eyes, he went from being 'idealized to the dumpster.' Dr. Curry also noted that Heard's Borderline Personality Disorder was marked by an 'underlying terror of abandonment' and somebody with the condition tends to make 'desperate attempts' to stop it from happening.

Officer Melissa Saenz appeared via a pre-taped video deposition on Tuesday. She was asked about the visit to the penthouse apartment that Depp and Heard shared on May 21, 2016.

Exes Heard, 35, and Depp, 58 - who were married from 2015 to 2016 - have been battling it out in court in recent weeks. The trial is attempting to determine if a 2018 Washington Post essay written by Heard, in which she accused the actor of domestic abuse, defamed Depp. Last week, many social media users accused Heard of purposely picking out clothes that looked similar to ensembles that Depp previously wore in an attempt to play 'mind games' on him. Now, a clinical psychologist has given a possible explanation as to why she might be attempting to dress like her ex-husband. Clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry - who took the stand on Tuesday - claimed that it's most likely because Heard suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). She testified that people with BPD often have 'identity issues' which results in them dressing like the people 'they want to be around.'

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.)  'boasted knowingly to colleagues and aides that her cleavage had an extraordinary persuasive effect on the uptight men of the GOP,' according to a new book.

Ebay executive admits terrorizing couple who published newsletter criticizing firm by sending them a pig fetus, maggots, funeral wreath and 'barely legal' porn mailed to neighbors in their name

James Baugh, 47, of San Jose, pleaded guilty on Monday to conspiracy, stalking, and falsification of records, he faces more than 100 years in prison. He was the former Senior Director of Safety & Security at eBay. He and six other co-conspirators - were criminally charged for campaign against Ina and David Steiner, of Natick, (left) who published a critical newsletter. The group allegedly sent the couple a pig fetus, a funeral wreath (upper right), and maggots to their home and sent porn (lower right) in David's name to the neighbors. They also allegedly tried to put a GPS trackers on the car and Baugh had practiced placing the device on similar cars. Baugh faces up to five years in prison for each stalking charge and 20 years each for the other charges. His sentencing is scheduled for September 29.

The fine will keep accumulating from Tuesday for every day Trump keeps stalling, unless he can make a convincing case that the documents simply aren't in his possession.

Former handyman turned cold-blooded killer, David Bonola, 44, appears in Queens Supreme court on Tuesday and declines to testify before a grand jury his court-appointed lawyer, David Strom told the judge

Ex-Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown said the Duchess of Sussex has 'no purpose' and wanted to 'cash in' on the commercial arm of being a royal. Discussing Harry and Meghan's exit from royal life, she said: 'They wanted to be able to have a commercial arm to their activities. That was the stumbling block. Meghan certainly saw the deals that were there to be made because they were royals. It's as though she couldn't resist everything that was on offer on the celebrity buffet. A hunger to avail herself of the global leverage, to live in glorious houses without strings attached.'

The 35-year-old, who shares three children (seen left last month) with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, spoke out about her struggles as a mother during an interview with Glamour UK. Megan, who is engaged to musician Machine Gun Kelly, said she 'has a lot of worries' about her oldest child, while calling nine-year-old Noah (pictured right in 2020) 'so brave'. She revealed that she has purchased a variety of books that she hopes will offer Noah some guidance, including tomes written by transgender kids. Some of the books also explain that you can 'be a boy and wear a dress', with Megan saying that she has taught all of her children: 'You can express yourself through clothing however you want.'

Vice President Kamala Harris has contracted Covid-19. Harris tweeted Tuesday afternoon that she was 'grateful to be both vaccinated and boosted.' The White House said that Biden called Harris to 'check in.'

And the bride wore... next to nothing! Paulina Gretzky flaunts VERY sheer, crystal-encrusted Vera Wang wedding gown in glamorous video filmed just moments before she tied the knot with golfer Dustin Johnson in lavish Tennessee ceremony

The model, 33, and the athlete, 37, said their 'I do's' at luxury hotel and resort Blackberry Farm in Tennessee on Saturday. They exchanged their vows in front of a glamorous crowd of friends and family, including the bride's hockey legend father, Wayne Gretzky. Paulina donned a stunning, diamond-encrusted, see-through gown with a plunging neckline while tying the knot with her golfer beau. The sheer figure-hugging number was covered head to toe in crystals; she wore an ivory bodysuit underneath to keep her assets hidden. For the reception, Paulina switched into a silky, charmeuse gown, which was accented by intersecting crystal straps. Her blonde locks were left loose, with curls flowing around her face. As for her makeup, she opted for a natural look - using a soft pink lip color and a smoky eye.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released the update, citing an elevated risk of internal bleeding after taking the drug. The FDA has not suggested it for 20 years.

Hiroo Onoda, who died in 2014 at the age of 91, was stationed on the island in the Philippines in 1944 but remained until 1974 because he did not believe the war was over. Onoda became the last Japanese soldier to surrender - but only after his former commander, who in 1945 had told him to stay behind and spy on American troops, was flown from Japan to order him to give up (right).


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Roy Nicholson, 26, of Columbia, was pulled over on I-65 North on Sunday for a 'traffic violation'. He was asked to step out of his car after Franklin Police Officer Dustyn Stevens saw 'a gun in the vehicle and smelling marijuana.' The two struggled and Nicholson managed to get the driver's side door open as Officer Matt Lamarr pulls up in another cruiser and raced toward the two men. Nicholson started to drive off, dragging both Stevens and Lamarr down the road. Lamarr was dragged a few feet down the road while Stevens was dragged and ran over as Nicholson merged down the I-65. Nicolson was later apprehended at a Walmart and charged with  two counts of aggravated assault against a first responder and felony evading.

North Dakota's longest-serving state senator Ray Holmberg, 79, announced he would be resigning after it was revealed he sent 72 text messages to a man who was arrested on child porn charges.

Pat Boone, 87, slammed the modern television and movie industry for its lack of morals in an interview with FOX News - specifically targeting Netflix's Big Mouth, bottom left.

President Joe Biden has a higher net favorability in only 10 U.S. states and a new poll reveals that he has a disapproval rate higher than his approval in the double digits in 33 states.

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In the old footage, shared widely on TikTok recently, the late Princess of Wales is seen playing with her children in the gardens of Highgrove House, Prince Charles' home in Gloucester in 1986. But when a young Prince William (pictured right) refuses to come inside after going on the swings with his younger brother, and hides behind some greenery, Diana is quick to tease: 'Alright! Harry will have all the fun then.' Holding Harry, then aged two, in her arms, the royal mother walks away from little William, adding 'No, it's alright' as he starts to protest 'No!'.

People's Convoy is run out of town by angry Oakland residents who pelt their vehicles with eggs

A convoy of 20 drivers was pushed out of town by Oakland residents after they protested by honking their trucks on the streets against two bills on abortion rights and COVID vaccine mandates presented by Democratic California assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (inset) earlier this month. Earlier in April, Wicks, who's held office since December 2018, sponsored a bill that would require all workers in California to be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccines. The bill was 'postponed' after it faced stiff opposition from labor unions as the Omicron variant crested in the heavily vaccinated state. The 44-year-old stirred the pot even more after introducing another bill that would end the requirement for coroner investigations into stillbirths. It was characterized by Pro-Life commentators as 'the most extreme anti-life bill California has ever seen, essentially legalizing infanticide.'

Al Pacino and his much-younger girlfriend Noor Alfallah are showing no signs of slowing their surprise romance down.  On Sunday, The Godfather star was pictured celebrating his 82nd birthday at Italian restaurant Jones in West Hollywood, California, and was accompanied by Noor, 28, who appeared to be rallying his pals around inside.  The 54-year-age-gap does not appear to be a problem for the new couple either, as they were seen in high spirits while enjoying the night out on the town for the octogenarian's big day.

Fox News cameras captured a hectic showdown as Mexican immigration agents used physical force in an unsuccessful bid to stop migrants from cross the Rio Grande to the U.S.

The gunshots were exchanged on Monday after two groups of teens reportedly squared up and fought before shooting at each other in Pepperhill Park, according to North Charleston Police.

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Ivy, 27, covers the May 2022 issue, four decades after Ann covered the magazine in 1983. For her shoot, Ivy wore a vintage shawl, a Christian Dior coat, and diamond necklaces that belonged to her grandmother. She also said she still has her grandma's 1983 magazine and the YSL coat she wore for that shoot. Ivy wore her grandmother's jewelry to her November wedding, and her custom Galliano dress also had a nod to her grandmother. The heiress was raised by Ann, who died in September 2020.

A woman was seen calmly enjoying swinging on a play set with a child on her knee as a neighbouring building is engulfed in flames in front of them in the town of Kotlas, western Russia. Other local residents were also seen calmly watching the raging inferno from the park benches. In front of the woman and child on the swing, a small crowd gathered a short distance away from the burning building to watch as the flames lit up the sky. The woman appears unfazed by the fire in front of her and even looks in a different direction as she continues to gain momentum on the swing.


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Tight spot! Boyfriend struggles to pull engagement ring out of his jeans pocket as romantic sunset proposal takes a comic turn 

Libby Meyer, 29, shared the hilarious footage of her boyfriend, Ryan Lamont, struggling to retrieve the engagement ring to propose at sunset on La Jolla Shores beach in San Diego, California. The couple, from Los Angeles, were filmed on 11 December 2021 by their friends and family hidden in a nearby restaurant. The video has been viewed more than half a million times since Libby shared it on TikTok earlier this month. She wrote: 'We were getting ready to go to dinner and I asked why he wanted to wear dress pants... So he switched to jeans so I wasn't suspicious.'

Liquid methane rain and nitrogen winds produce hydrocarbon dunes and open plains, according to a team of planetary scientists from Stanford University in California.

Grandpa, 85, uses VR technology to create a 'HOLOGRAM TWIN' of himself that will allow his great-grandchildren to meet him after he has died

Jerry Terrence, 85, from Los Angeles, California, used virtual reality technology made by StoryTerrace and US metaverse experts 8i. They used 30 cameras to record him telling stories from his life, then created a 3D version of him that could be viewed in a VR headset. The user can walk around the hologram and see them from different angles. Also included were photos and videos from other points in his life. Jerry said it was 'mind-blowing' to see himself that way and 'it feels very exciting to be a part of the future.' His older daughter Stacy, 58, tried it out, and he also hopes it will be a time capsule for his grandchildren Jason, 29, Brian, 24, Noah, 20, and Ryan, 17.